DIESEL DUAL FUEL(DDF) CONVERSION SYSTEM with natural gas without altering/modifying any component of the OEM engine is our proven product and haS been tested and certified by many customers. Switching from Diesel system to Diesel & NG dual fuel system can reduce the use of Diesel fuel up to an average 70% with peak displacement of Diesel can reach up to 85%.. This means a great saving on Diesel fuel cost and high reduction of pollutants from engine exhaust emissions.

LNG( Liquefied Natural gas) will play a vital role to meet Govt. of India’s vision to become a Gas based economy. By the year 2030, 45% of natural gas demand will be sufficed by LNG. But there is a huge shortage of LNG storage tank in India in all energy sectors including automotive sector.

AUTOMOTIVE LNG TANK manufacturing is our 2nd product. Thus, making us a complete Turnkey solution provider of alternative fuel solution in India. Diesel Dual fuel with onboard LNG storage  tank will make our customer free from all anxieties of “how to reduce Diesel usage” and thus improving  efficiency & profitability of his operation.