Specially designed for Diesel Generators-

Compatible with other applications:

Diesel Construction equipment, Agricultural vehicles, Compressors engines, Patrol/Tourist boats, Badges, Light Cargo vessel, Yatch and many more.


  1. Gamma CAM series SD ( suitable for Engine power (30 HP-100 HP).
  2. Gamma CAM series MD ( suitable for Engine power (110 HP-550 HP).
  3. Gamma CAM series H D ( suitable for Engine power (600 HP-2000 HP)

Compatible with Compressed Natural Gas(CNG) and Liquid Natural Gas(LNG), Pipeline Gas(PNG), Bio-Gas. 

Key Highlights:

1.Natural Gas(CNG/LNG) + Diesel Operation Technology.

2.Maintains OEM Engine Performance.

3.Maintains 100% Diesel Capability – No Engine De-rate.

4.Reduce toxic gas like NOx, PM 2.5, CO2 etc. from exhaust emission.

5.Applicable for  Mechanical and electronic Inline or Rotary Fuel injection system as well for Common rail Injection system.

6.Improves savings on Diesel Fuel usage up to 30% and more with an average displacement of Diesel up to 70 %.Peak displacement of Diesel is up to 85%.

7.Comes with an option of Telematic system.