Our Solution

Our Solution to Reduce Cost & Pollution

DIESEL DUAL FUEL(DDF) CONVERSION SYSTEM with natural gas without altering/modifying any component of the OEM engine is our proven product and has been tested and certified by many overseas customers. Switching from Diesel only engine to Diesel & Natural gas dual fuel engine can reduce the use of Diesel fuel up to an average of 70% with peak displacement of Diesel can reach up to 85%.. This means a great saving on Diesel fuel cost and high reduction of pollutants from engine exhaust emissions.

  • Tested and certified by many customers worldwide
  • No engine de-rate
  • Average substitution of diesel upto70% with peak substitution up to 85%
  • Compatible with all types of diesel engines.

Hallong Electronic control unit for Diesel dual fuel engine is Indigenously developed with State of art Software program developed in- house. This is one of it’s kind which can be customised with intelligent logic to suit all diesel engine applications. Comes with an add on feature of Data logging and Telematics.

Hallong Electronic control unit for Gasoline/Petrol engine is another in-house development which is developed for Bi-fuel Conventional gas injection system and Sequential gas Injection system with OBD options.

Salient Features

Compatible with PNG, CNG, LNG, Coal Bed Methane, Bio-Gas.

In- House Technology

DDF technology designed for diesel generator

Fire Protection

Enhance safety and security of machine


Compatible with PNG, CNG, LNG, Coal Bed Methane & Bio-Gas


Compatible with all types of diesel engines

Intelligent Logic

Improves diesel substitution with load through an intelligent software  program. No engine de rate.

Low Maintenance

Reduces engine maintenance & longer service interval. Natural Gas is a clean gas.

Tele Mactics & Data logger

Option of telematics for remote monitoring & troubleshooting.

Tried & Tested

Installed in 5k+ IC engines in different countries.