What is Diesel Dual Fuel Engine?

Diesel Dual-fuel engine is a diesel engine that can run on simultaneous combustion of diesel with another fuel type of different reactivity. Diesel engines are extensively used in industrial power, road transport, power generators, agricultural machines, locomotives, boats, ships, mining vehicles and other engine applications. It has been the mainstay of power generation for all these applications for decades. The popularity of diesel engines is primarily due to the compression-ignition system that is highly efficient and also creates a lot of power and torque required by various operations.  For a long period, diesel engines have been an ideal choice for customers for all medium and heavy-duty operations.

However, as tougher environmental standards are being enacted throughout the country, users of diesel engines are looking for alternative ways with alternative fuel type to lower emissions without reducing engine power and without increasing cost of operation. Amongst the various available alternative fuel strategies to curb pollution without increasing the cost, Dual fuel engine technology with simultaneous burning of two different fuel types proves to be most efficient and economic to curb pollution.  Diesel Dual fuel is a technology that burns diesel fuel simultaneously with Natural gas (CNG, LNG, PNG, Bio Gas) as a second fuel type is undoubtedly the best solution for diesel engines to curb pollution at the lowest possible cost. This technology is gaining popularity because it reduces the diesel fuel quantity in the engine which is substituted by green natural gas without comprising the power of original diesel engine. At the same time Natural Gas is significantly more economical compared to diesel. This results in significant cost savings.

It is a tough decision for existing diesel engine users with left over engine service life of few to several more years to switch to a whole new dedicatedfuel type engine. At Hallong International, it was our aim to introduce an affordable & proven Diesel Fuel Conversion system that easily converts diesel engines into Diesel plus Natural Gas engines. Thereby, eliminating the financial worries of existing diesel engine owners and to encourage them to embrace the conversion technology for cleaner air quality.

By reducing diesel usage alone,  a nation benefits from reduced pollution, lower oil import bill & savings for individuals and businesses dependent on diesel power for varied needs and requirements.

Our goal is to provide a proven Diesel Dual Fuel (DDF) solution at an Affordable price for you to go green.

Why migrate to DDF ?

Air pollution in India is a serious health issue. Of the most polluted cities in the world, 21 out of 30 were in India in 2019.

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Our Solution

DIESEL DUAL FUEL conversion system with Natural Gas without altering any component of the original generator engine is our proven technology.

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Benefits of our DDF

Going green was never so affordable with our conversion technology.

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Explore our unique offering and unmatched 24 months Warranty & support.

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