Hallong International ECU & HARNESS


Electronic Control Unit

Our state-of-the-art ECU backed by our own Engine management program manages Natural Gas engines up to 8 cylinders. Rigourlessly tested on vehicles up to 350 HP.


Dedicated ECU for CNG, LNG fuel system engine
BS4 & OBD II Compliant
Automotive Microcontroller 50 MHz
CAN communication
RS232 communication
Temperature range -40 to +80 C
Low EMI design
Aluminum enclosure

Wiring Harness

Designed & tested to provide exceptional performance in harsh Indian conditions. Capable of handling high electrical loads and are made to resist heat and electromagnetic signals. Ensuring smooth mobility always.


Our EMS harnesses are Dedicated for CNG /LNG/ Bio-Gas Mono-Fuel or Dual-fuel engine operation
All types of Automotive EMS connectors and terminals
Shielded cable with Fire Retarding Copper Wire
In bult DC-DC converter
Lightweight and customizable for different models