Bi-Fuel Solution

A bi-fuel system uses two types of fuel. But the fuels are not mixed together during operation. The engine is capable of switching between the two fuel types so that it is always using the type of fuel most efficient for the conditions at hand. Bi-Fuel system works efficiently with all kinds of Passenger cars like Hatchback, Sedan, SUV, MUV etc running with Gasoline/Petrol engine. As the system can run on any single fuel at a time, it gives highest benefits in terms of emission and cost to the Gasoline/Petrol car users to switch from Gasoline to  any alternative fuel like Natural Gas(CNG) or Liquefied petroleum gas(LPG). The Gas cylinders can be installed on board the vehicle with simple fabrication work.


Specially designed for all range of Passenger vehicles running on Gasoline/Petrol engine

Compatible with Compressed Natural Gas(CNG) and Liquid Petroleum Gas(LPG)

Key Highlights:

  1. CNG/LPG + Gasoline(Petrol) Operation Technology.
  2. Maintains OEM Engine Performance.
  3. Sequential injection system with Electronic fuel management through Hallong’s ECU( Electronic control unit) with  in-built intelligent logic which is developed in-house.
  4. Indigenously developed software program for the ECU.
  5. Reduce toxic gas like NOx, PM 2.5, CO2 etc. from exhaust emission.
  6. Applicable for  electronic Rotary Fuel injection system as well for Common rail Injection system with option for OBD II connector.
  7. Improves savings on Gasoline usage.
  8. Easy to install.