Dedicated Monofuel System

Diesel to 100% Natural Gas (CNG/LNG) also called Dedicated Natural Gas Monofuel technology has been developed as a fully integrated solution for the conversion of in-use Diesel Engines to CNG/LNG engines. Our electronic controlled precision fuel management injection and ignition system ensure the converted engine meets desired engine power & exhaust emissions.

Our powerful & start of art technology dynamically controls the Ignition & Gas injection operation of the engine simultaneously maintaining the Air fuel ratio. The ECU monitors critical engine parameters including exhaust gas temperature, manifold air temperature & pressure, engine roughness, engine coolant temperature, engine speed, throttle position & driver’s demand to produce desired output for the vehicle. Each ECU data channel is sampled multiple times per second ensuring rapid detection and correction of anomalies.

All in all conversion of an in-use Deisel to CNG/LNG involves the following steps

Diesel Engine Conversion

The conversion of an existing diesel engine into a natural gas engine is achieved by making changes in the existing engine architecture. The steps include modifying the engine cylinder bore, replacing the pistons, cylinder heads with valves in order to reduce the compression ratio of the existing diesel engine. Addition of spark plugs in existing diesel fuel injector bore etc.

Cylinders & accessories

The next steps include the installation of CNG cylinders of different capacities depending on customer requirements along with hoses, valves, gas cut-off solenoid, refilling valve, etc. on the chassis of the vehicle.

ECU & Harness Installation

The final step includes the installation of the Electronic control unit & wiring harness along with gas injectors, a high-pressure reducer, filters & sensors

Our Advantage

  • BS4 & OBD II Compliant
  • Rigorously tested & validated
  • Highly customizable
  • Ready for aftermarket retro fitment